Open 24 Hours

Gym  Memberships

•  One Day Pass: $10.00

Unlimited visits to the gym a 24 hour period.

•  Seven Visit Pass: $40.00

 Visit the gym seven times.

•0ne year agreement $35.00 per month (automatic drafting)

•  Open-End Enrollment Agreement: $40.00 per month

(automatic drafting)

•  One Month (no agreement):  $60.00 

(Unlimited visits 24/7.)

• Family Plan: $120.00 for 4 People


• 2 People Membership: $60.00

Personal Training Sessions:

• Ask front desk for details

Tanning Memberships: 

• Fast Bed:  (Unlimited): $49.50 per month

• One Session:  $13.00

• Standard Bed:  (Unlimited): $35.00 per month

• One Session: $7.00

• Unlimited tanning (with membership): One time fee of $45.00 


*Some restrictions apply.  See sales rep for details.

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Membership, Pricing Options  & Refrence

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Sauna Memberships - Maxxus Infrared Sauna ​• Our Brand new state of the art sauna.

• Members fee, $5.00 a session or unlimited use is $20.00 for thirty days.

• Bundle at signing and spend just $15.00 a month.

• Non members unlimited use $30.00 a month.


​​​One Month Free: Receive one month free when you refer a friend!

• No Initiation fee

• No One month in advance payment

• No Key Card (Key Shoe) to buy at singing

• No Extra to pay for classes 

*Some restrictions apply.  See sales rep for details.

Cardio • Classes • Weight Room • Tanning  • Sauna 

147 Main Street

 Brawley,  California 



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All Group exercise Classes Included with Membership.