Paulina Urquidez: Sales Rep/Class Instructor - Spinning and Fitness Fusion
Hello , My name is Paulina. I am front desk attendant and sales representative. Fitness is my passion and I hope  to one day becme a class instructor or Personal trainer. I am no expert in fitness but Ill do my best to help if you have any questions or doubts. I love working here and being part of Team U.S Fitness, but I love more Working Out here and taking classes!! 

Fabiola Sandoval: Class Instructor - Intro to Vinyasa (Yoga)
​Hi, my name is Fabiola Sandoval and I am a National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified
Personal Trainer. I always had a passion for nutrition and wellness, doing my own research aspiring to become a Dietitian. It want until I stepped into a gym for the first that I become interested in fitness. As I learned more and more, within a year I enrolled in school to become a Personal Trainer, and eventually became certified. I had no idea about lifting weights in the past and about all the benefits of exercise until I experience myself. I know there are a lot of people that feel intimidated by a weight room like I did at one point. My ultimate goal is to ride shotgun on your journey to a better you. I push you, challenge you, and help you reach your goal is a fun, efficient and safe way, "One reason people resist change is that they focus on what they have to give up rather than what they to gain."

Dania Angulo: Sales Rep

Hi my name is Dania Angulo and have been with U.S Fitness for he past two years. I graduated from BUHS and I am currently attending IVC to become a registered nurse. You can find me at the front desk and I wll be happy to hep you with any questions you may have. I hope you enjoy being part of the U.S Fitness faily as much as I do!

Kathleen Wellcome: Class Instructor - Ripped, Total Body Tapout and Kickbox Sculp + Burn
I have been teaching fitness classes for approximately twelve years. I am certified in group fitness, barbell training and weight training.  My passion for a successful class is to be that charismatic instructor, truly care about each individual and to provide a good solid workout. As an instructor I motivate clients, both women and men, keeping them coming back again and again.

Jorge Cota: Sales Rep
Hello my name is Jorge Cota, I was born and raised here in Brawley, California. I Graduated from Desert Valley High School. I am currently attending Imperial Valley Collage to become a Network Engineer. My goal in life is to one day become a professional body builder, and one day become the best in the world, which to me means becoming Mr. Olympia.

Leticia Angulo: Accountant
Bio coming soon

Jesus Trujillo: Sales Rep

Bio coming soon

Gabbee Lofton: Class Instructor - Gentle Yoga

Receiving her 200hr Yoga Teaching certification in May of 2014, Gabbee has taught yoga classes in numerous venues from Southern California to Stillwater, Oklahoma where she has lived for the past three years attending Oklahoma State University. Since her recent graduation in May, Gabbee decided to return to her hometown of Brawley, California and continue to share her passion for the yogic lifestyle. Gabbee describes her style of yoga as a spirit based practice and emphasizes correct body alignment to ensure students are on a path to success in creating a long and beneficial practice. She also aims to strain the importance of the 'individual' in her classes and for everyone to find they're own expression and variation within the postures. 

Marisela Hernandez: Class Instructor - Zumba, Spinning and Boot Camp

Hello all, Always follow your dreams! I dream, therefore I spin and dance.  Short and sweet but heart felt.


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Tony Montesinos: Assistant Manager
HI! I'm Tony Montesinos, Assistant Manager of U.S. Fitness. I love working at U.S. Fitness! I consider every member who walks through the door to be my friend, and I look at my co-workers like their family members. U.S. Fitness is a great environment to work and a better environment to workout in. I encourage anyone reading this to come check out U.S. Fitness, I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Dawn Taylor: Manager
Bio coming soon